Sunday, May 1, 2011

On Location Lookout!

Over the past few weeks while we were all enjoying the break from the routine of school and Kindy, I have been out seeking some new special places for my photo shoots.  Its amazing what you see when you really 'look' around, and i've found some beautiful places all right here on our northern beaches doorstep. 

I have also been discovering some of the perrils of being a photographer and working in the weather and wilderness.  I did a shoot on a property one afternoon, the light was lovely, the setting divine, I didn't think much about what I was wearing (denim skirt) so we were having a lovely time until the kind lady next door advised us that dusk was when the snakes came to the small gully looking for froggy dinner, ok thats a wrap everyone.  Wait theres more, an hour or so later I was changing to go swimming and noticed blood on my leg, what was this (imagine a very loud 'HELP') a horrible, scary, bloody LEECH.  Luckily my darling husband sprang to my aid and removed it immediately, I still cringe at the thought.  Lesson learned take a blanket to sit on and wear long pants in these conditions. 

Here are a couple of the shots from our holiday finds. b x

1 comment:

  1. Great locations! But scary about the snake - EEEK!
    I love that last shot of J.