Thursday, February 23, 2012

Its how we play.

This week I am writing my post feeling ever more excited about our upcoming adventures and also a little sad at what and who we are leaving behind for the next 2 years.  Not long to go only 4 weeks so will have to pack up my pc too and send it over and cross my fingers it arrives safely, or there will be tears. 

We know another local family who moved to Switzerland last year and plan to stay there for 5 years.  They don't speak english over there only 2 main types of german, but I hear they are all doing great and enjoying life over there.  The mum inspired me with a journal she made with her girls filled with photos and pictures and short stories about how life is now in their little snowy village,and so I am currently making one for my kids to take when we leave.  I've been down to the school, beach, favourite parks and things in general we like to do, so Miss S and Mstr J can show their new classmates what lifes like in Australia.  I also have been doing a couple of shoots with the kids friends so they can stick them all around in our new home and feel like their aussie friends are still with them in some way and not forgotten.  So my post today is a selection from a litle shoot I did last week with Miss S and her dear friend Miss A they have been friends a couple of years now and so Miss S is going to miss her a lot, thank goodness for email and skype i'm sure they are going to save the day for us.

Enjoy the week

B xo

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The 'B Sides'

Now the kids are back at school i've got a bit more time for my blog, so I want to share a few more of my images from my recent project 'my first memory'.  These are the ones that didn't make the final cut, not because I thought they were unworthy, I just chose differently in December. Love to hear what you think of them, they are still along the same idea of childhood smells and memories.
Enjoy xo