Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Good Break

We attempted to have an 'early' birthday party before school broke last year. Unfortunately as the guests were arriving the birthday boy fell off the climbing frame in the park and was rushed to hospital agh!!!  X-rays were taken, a temporary splint applied along with pain relief and the following day the 'dinner fork fracture' was manipulated in surgery and the full cast was set.  This kid though being this kid has now had his cast for almost five weeks with barely a complaint he just accepted his fate and has gotten on with life including two weeks camping by the sea.  We should all be so tolerant, he humbles me.

Christmas was sparkly in 2013

At the end of December last year (only two weeks ago) I drove around the area to see the pretty fairy lights.  What I also found was a couple of new trend setting streets who had cracked out the tinsel and wrapped the trees out the front of their homes.  One street went for the christmas red, another was all gold so in my street I threw on a bit of silver.  I love how this little effort had such an impact and spread a little cheer around the town.