Tuesday, May 1, 2012

'Holland, ik hou van jou'

Translation: 'Holland, I love you' and I'm happy to report that we really do love being here and are having a wonderful break in this pretty, pretty land.
I must appologise for the huge break since my last post but due to my reasoning for sending a pc from Australia to Europe being questioned at this end and then a 50euro fee (for what i'm still baffled) it took a while.  Thank goodness for our wonderful relations here who have been so kind and helpful with our settling in and translation of the small forest of paperwork involved finally i'm up and running again with my blog. 

The weather hasn't been too bad since we arrived but we have had some very chilly days with tops of 5deg and howling wind brrrr and then today was our best day yet sunny 20deg, so grateful for sunshine.  Spring is here but a little slow to get started this year apparently, so proud of the kids who just take it all in their stride with no complaints they've been amazing.

I can't tell you just how beautiful it is here, it really is so pretty everywhere its like living in a postcard everyday.  The dutch folks are all so use to this beauty and don't really seem to 'see' how stunning it is at times, although they are a very proud people and happily fly their flag for all to see.  Its wonderful for us to be learning about their culture and history, so different to home obviously.  Some of the windmills we have been seeing are 500yrs old, and still look so grand quite an amazing sight up close.

The kids have not yet started school here and so have been struggling with the language barrier, they will start next week and i'm told by their new teacher in 6 months they will be speaking fluent dutch (me, may take a bit longer) we are all excited to see the progress and will keep you posted.

On the photography front well its a smorgasboard of amazing locations, if I die tomorrow I am a happy girl.  I just now need to begin setting myself up for some paid work again, not an easy task with the current economic situation here in Europe but will try my best.

Have a wonderful week everybody wherever you are, and enjoy the sunshine if its shining on you.

Your friend B xo