Wednesday, June 12, 2013

All The Pretty Lights...

Light is something that us photographers are always looking for in its many wonderful forms, soft light, golden light, filtered light or twilight.  Last sunday I went with the family into the city for some laser lights, it was extremely busy but we all had an enjoyable night taking in the various light displays around the harbour.  Here is my encounter with the light show that is Vivid.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The supermarket can be fun...sometimes

Hello everyone i'm back after a looong break (not my choice) and am excited to share this shoot I did a few weeks ago, while participating in some online study.
After our big adventure to Europe and then living in Ettalong and Collaroy Beach finally we are starting to settle back into our home and work/school life.  Things will never be the same as they were before we left with so many changes and new life experiences and I think thats a good thing it means we're evolving with the world around us and hopefully a little better for it.

A few weeks ago I decided to do some study into really getting myself going as a photography business so as part of our course in week 4 we were given homework!!  This involved us getting at least one cracking shot in a 'Supermarket', you can imagine our initial reactions 'fear, wtf, no way'  then creative thinking started to take over.  To add a little more spice, we also had to photograph a complete stranger so basically same reactions here then decided well it must be done so better get on with it.

I contacted my local supermarket and the manager was really lovely about it, so there goes that excuse. Next step 'kids, mummy needs a little favour...'  they were more than obliging as long as there was a chocolate treat involved somewhere along the way (again there goes that excuse to not do it, I have willing participants) so on friday afternoon with schoolfriend keen to try modelling as well off we went.  Here is what we came home with, we had so much fun coming up with crazy ideas and no a wiff of shyness.  'Well done kids' you guys totally rocked the supermarket'!!  Thanks also to the lovely Llindt promo lady who was so sweet and happy to be my stranger.