Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Farewell friends, till we meet again...

Well the day is almost here, only 10 days till we leave this beautiful place we call home and fly half way round the world to our new home (for the next two years) The Netherlands. 
I've been flat out sorting and packing all our belongings, donating to friends and op shops, trips to the tip.  Its been an emotional time as well parting with all the baby items we know longer use or need, finding old photos of our once 'babies' time has gone so fast in some ways.

So now a new chapter in our lives is about to start and I will be treasuring every day we have on our adventures because I know it will go so quickly as well.  The kids are saying farewell to their friends, and as promised to Miss S I took her and her other bestie out for a 'friends shoot' this time they wanted the beach and they had a ball running in the sand and splashing and laughing in the water which was really warm.  Now I need to go and print some to make my collage in our new home so that our friends are never far away.

Will be keeping up the posts once I get my pc set up and look forward to sharing with you soon.

Peace be with you

B x

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A very special visitor...

As most of you know I went down to Melbourne in January to attend an amazing photographers workshop called 'Art and the Heart' organised by two of the best photographers and people you could ever be lucky enough to meet Dan O'Day and Samm Blake.  I also got to meet a wonderful group of fellow photographers and our likeminded connections was something I will cherish forever. 
So back to my visitor 'Tracy Lee' was my roomie for the 4 days and from the time we met we became instant friends.  Tracy hails from Canberra and I was so lucky that she and her bloke drove up to Sydney a couple of weeks ago,  for a quick visit of family and little old me. 
Tracy and I grabbed our cameras, raced to the beach and while giggling endlessly snapped each other in some of the pretty afternoon light. Just wanted to share some now with you.