Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spotting the spotters.

Its summer and getting hotter each day.  The kids are bored of the lack of surf at the beach.  The family are asking for a day out together.  So what do you do to make everyone happy?  You drive to the airport of course and go plane spotting.
 This is not something i've done since I was a 15 year old, but as Schipol airport is only 45mins away and the kids think it will be super fun of we go including cousins, dog and sunscreen.  We followed Martys uncle to the first spot which he tells us used to be the best but find they have fenced it off now and decide to drive further to locate the 'mecca'.   We find a back up runway which is used when there is high traffic but sadly not today.  We keep searching more and then we find it the 'spot' its where the planes come to land and the car park is packed with cars, bikes and snack vans, we've arrived. 
It was amazing how many people there were, I mean are they all first or second timers like us or do they do this every weekend?  I will have to chat to some of them next time to find out what it is they love about airplanes.  Once I get a better handle on the language right?  There are families, couples and father and son combos, so I decide that as well as watching the planes land I am going to just quietly observe these folk who love to spot. 
Love to hear some comments from you guys on your experiences as a spotter if you have or do so please don't be shy, I won't laugh at you promise.
Thanks also to my little model for playing in the field of wild flowers, so many pretty colours.

B x


Friday, October 12, 2012

Misty night

We were lucky a few weeks ago to experience yet another night mist.  So I jump on my bike and ride off into the polders with the cows and sheep and the mice!!!  Yes I could hear mice out there, as it started getting darker I could hear there little squeaking voices in the grass and well that was game over for me.  Here are some of the pics I did manage to snap before this big mouse chicken got back on her bike and sped for home.

enjoy x