Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Family time in Friesland is good

In August we made a day trip to the north of Holland to a provence called Friesland.  Its was only a lazy two hour drive to the town of Harlingen and it was a pretty scenic journey all the way there. 
About half way there we came to the 'Afsluitdijk' a 32km long dyke constructed in the late 1920's to close off the Zuyder Zee and to reclaim land lost to serious floods in 1916. 
The village was very quiet in the streets as we wandered as with almost all of Holland they don't trade on sundays, so if you forget to buy the milk and bread sorry but we'll be open again on monday at midday! Crisis what crisis.
This town is also close to where Martins great grandfather lived and worked as a blacksmith many years ago,  which gave us added interest. 
I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of this pretty place, well a lot actually but enjoy anyhow. 
A big thanks also to my little posers for the lovely snaps,' you rocked it guys'
Bettina xo

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