Saturday, June 2, 2012

Two New Friends

Since we arrived here back in March our kids have been having lots of new life experiences and thankfully taking it all in their stride.  Another new experience for them is having lots of cousins around to hang out with and just have fun.  Miss N is just one of them and as she is only 2 years older than Miss S they get on really well and despite the limited knowledge of each others language they seem to be able to get their points across enough to understand what each is trying to say.  Miss N has helped Miss S to learn to rollerblade which she loves very much, and i've been showing Miss N how to operate 'Instagram' so she can take lots of pics of her best friend 'Tessa' the dog.  A few weeks ago we went over to Egmond for the day and ended up at the beach of course, here are some highlights from our day.

Your friend
B xo

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