Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Its a new year and i've changed...

Firstly I'd like to mention some of the things that I am already grateful for this year, as expressed in my last post.  I haven't had time to photograph them all so just writing them into todays post.
1. Love from my kids, its always so grounding and given freely.
2. The ocean always inspiring and calming
3. My husband for my amazing new laundry(old one rated in top 50 worst ever)
4. Art and the Heart friends for sharing an amazing few days in Melbourne, in my heart always.
Will try to do some photos next post  as I stop and be grateful for so much.

So January has been such a great start to 2012 so many positives happening i've been on such a 'high' and is only getting better with our Euro adventure getting closer every day. 

A couple of weeks ago I flew on my own down to Melbourne to participate in a photographers workshop 'Art and the Heart' which was in the very cool suburb 'Fitzroy'.  This 3 day workshop can only be described by me as 'AMAZING' and I have gained so much from it not just in theory but in growing myself as a photographer and the way I see the world 'my way' and also a wonderful group of peeps and the awe inspiring hosts Dan O'Day and Samm Blake who made the whole workshop come together and totally 'rocked' it was so much fun and I think I will be on a high for many months to come.  Something else we all did for the workshop was a brief sent to us prior to the w'shop the subject : My First Memory  was certainly challenging and I based mine on smells or scents that bring back childhood memories to me.  I submitted 12 shots and when we arrived at the gallery our projects were hanging on the walls, so exciting to see mine and others in a gallery here are the ones I sent in featuring cut grass, beach, bush and cinema.

Well the end of the summer holidays is here and wow it really flew, had so many good times with the kids but just quietly I was smiling all day Monday first day back at school aaah now I can clean up the house and finish packing yay.

Thanks for listening and love to hear any stories of your holidays so feel free to leave a comment.
b xo

A few picks around Melbourne wish I had more time to wander next trip....

the best roomie ever 'Tracy'


  1. I love how you see the world B! Thank you for being brave and just doing what you feel! Thank you for the late night chats, thank you for being inspiring, thank you for your wonderful images!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I wish I had taken more photos while I was there xx

    1. We'll just have to go again when i'm back in 2yrs for a reunion at the nunnery and take lots. xo

  3. Love these images . that blue door is amazing!! So glad you had such a magical time and that you got to room with the wonderful Tracy. makes me smile thinking about you two giggling into the night. xxx