Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hello Hello Hello

It has been a while since I posted anything here,  I've been having a couple of super busy months learning more photography skills and doing photo shoots for some lovely families as well as all the usual business of being a full time mumma. 

I think most of you have also heard by now our exciting news that we are moving to the Netherlands in the new year and so have also started to do major clean outs, clean ups and packing up so we can rent our little house out while we are away adventuring in Europe.  I went to the city with miss S yesterday and we popped into a bookstore for a coffee and I bought myself a Dutch/English dictionary so I can start practising  a bit before we arrive.  I will already be able to find a bathroom, a kitchen and compliment the chef on dinner, just need to find the shop that sells the warm clothing and i'm set. 

The kids are really getting excited too, they all want to try ice skating on the canal which is a bit scary will send Marty on first to check its frozen solid before we set one skate on there.  Miss S is wanting to spend most of her time in Belgium 'thats were the chocolate is mum', best we ride our bikes over there to burn it all off on the way home.
I am quite amazed at how many people I have told either have lived there themselves or have a friend currently living there, at least I will be able to find an expat pretty easily when I am feeling a little homesick.  If that happens I will be skyping home to my besties so make sure you have it on girls, especially you Fi.

So now i'm madly trying to get some shots together for my project i've been working on which is due 1st Dec!!!  Its been a very uncomfortable challenge (this was the idea) and its made me really think a lot about my past, my creativity or the lack of sometimes, I will share some of the shots in the coming weeks and would love some comments if you can manage it.

For now I will share a few little pics of some recent sessions with some lovely people the Websters and the Geluks, thanks guys for allowing me to capture a little of your lives and having a lot of fun together.
Have a great week
B xo



  1. Thanks for sharing Bettina!!! I can't wait to see everyones work in Jan. I think I'll be late in handing my images in. I love your back light trampoline shots- they remind me sooo much of my childhood back yard antics.

  2. Wow... love everything about this post!