Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holga Happiness at Terrigal Beach

Last saturday the boys and I had a day together enjoying the gorgeous sunshine and dreams began of the summer to come.  We jumped in the car and headed to the freeway and the playground of the Central Coast 'Terrigal'.  Lucky me finally had the winning bid on my much desired 'Dragster' bicycle, you know the won with the big handle bars and the sissy bar at the back, this one also has the original white with flowers banana seat.  I was so excited to get there, and I wasn't disappointed, yes it needs some work but its not a total wreck its ridable and with a bit of elbow grease and some new tyres it is going to rock once again. 
I also took along my camera and on it my new toy a 'Holga' lens, its plastic and is more for fun and creativity so happily snapped some of my boys playing at Terrigal beach.  This is my first try with the Holga so i'm sure I can only get better and will definately be putting that one in my suitcase when we move to Europe in Feb 2012 but thats a whole other story.....please enjoy

Happy Day...

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