Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Little Bit Adelaide.

A couple of weeks ago I flew down to Adelaide.  I went there with the intention of doing a photography workshop with the very talented and lovely photographer 'Angie Baxter'. 

 I also went to catch up with a very special friend Father Mark who I hadn't seen yet this year and thought it would be great to see his 'home town'.  The week before I left F.Mark called me to say he had been admitted into hospital as his heart was not functioning well.  The day I arrived I visited F.Mark and could see he didn't look his normal self, we chatted for a couple of hours then I left him to rest.  I saw him briefly again on the saturday and we spoke on the phone many times over the weekend.  On sunday morning I visited the Pandas at Adelaide Zoo then on my way back to the city F.Mark called me while I was in a 2nd hand bookstore, we chatted and he was anxious to get on with his surgery which was scheduled for monday morning, I said that I would call him as soon as he was out of intensive care and as always we exchanged 'I love you's', he would always say 'big hug' and 'your a beautiful girl'.  Sadly this was to be the last time that we spoke, F.Mark passed away last thursday still in intensive care.  My surrogate dad, my mentor, my confidant has moved on to a better place to reunite with his sisters, I will miss you always f.mark, but I will always have the best memories of the special friends that we were. 

 'Peace be with you' my friend. x


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  1. Beautiful photos from SA Bettina. And a lovely tribute to your friend. Love the photo of the jetty.